give me a rooftop

How many times a day can one little girl say “momomm”????  If I had a dollar . . .  you know where I am going with this one.    I mean, wow!  And in the car!  In the car . . . it is even more intense.  “Mom, I want . . . Mom, Do you know . . .  Mom, can I  . . .  Mom . . . Mom . . . Mom!”  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  I mean, I LOVE being a mom, but I am not sure I need to hear it called out 397 times each day.  There is no doubt, it is certain, that I will never forget I am a mom, my daughters will never let me.  And I suppose they will never forget they are my daughters because the constant address of “mom” reminds them who they are too, as daughters.  It reminds Adeline that she has a mother whom she needs, one that loves her, responds to her, answers her when she calls, and is invested in the mother-daughter relationship (not that my 3-year old would articulate it this exact way of course).  But simply by saying “Mom” she is acknowledging her role as daughter; she is indeed speaking to very relationship we have.  Because I am her mother, she is my daughter.  But notice, in this relationship “mom” is the word called out more often than daughter.

So I am curious, how many times a day do I engage with God in the same manner that my little girl does with me?  Meaning this: how many times do I call out to God each day?  Naming who he is, and then of course who I am in light of Him. Father, means I am his daughter, doesn’t it? Creator, means I am his creation, right?  Savior, means I am saved by him.  The way I address him not only defines who he is, but makes clear who I am as well.   After all, this is what happens with our own children, isn’t it?  They know us as mom and dad before they know themselves as daughter or son.  When Adeline says “Mom” she is in the same breath claiming that she is my daughter, she belongs to me.  Yet, I very rarely hear her call herself daughter (if ever).

usI have been obsessed with Jesus Culture’s song, Rooftops, all week.  I keep blasting it in the car and singing it as loud as I can.  I look like a complete freak!  But I don’t care because I feel so good.  Why?  I mean why is this song so relevant to me right now?  Good question.  I am sure for many reasons, but one overwhelms me currently.  The main reprise in the song is “I am yours”.  But not just that I am yours, even more importantly I am yours because of who you are . . .

I shout out Your Name, from the rooftops I proclaim

That I am yours

It is the act of shouting out “Your Name” that reminds me I am indeed yours.  I love what this song is getting at because it is the heart of who we belong to and who we were created to be  — His.  But even more beautiful is the reality that by shouting out His Name, we are reminded of who we are.  When we shout out the name of Jesus, we are claiming him, proclaiming his truth, and in essence we are acknowledging that we are his.  And in proclaiming that we belong to God we are reminded of the freedom that comes in Christ.  The freedom to shout His Name.  The freedom to belong to him.  The freedom to be who we were created to be.    The song goes on to say . .

I lift my hands because you set me free  . . .because of you I freely live

rooftop2So as I said, I am obsessed with this song.  I am loving it.  I am making my claim.  I am proclaiming my God.  I am reminding myself of who I am, because of who He is.  I am living into the very freedom that God gives me when I am assured of my identity in Him.  Just like my daughter does a hundred times a day, calling out the name of her mom – and making clear her identity as my daughter.  I, too am shouting out His Name, proclaiming who he is, and declaring that I am His.  So give me a roof top because I am ready to go.  I am ready to proclaim His Name and in doing so, I get to remember exactly who I am.

In case you want to join me in shouting out (and you don’t have a rooftop handy).  Here is the Youtube link to the song.  Give it a listen.  But be warned: it might just reassure you that you are His, and it might make you lose yourself in worship because you are humbled by exactly who He is.


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