Who has time to be still?

FullSizeRenderMy 5 year old, Adeline, never sits still.  This little girl is on the move all day and for this reason at 7:45 she knocks out the minute her head hits the pillow each night. She is what one might call a “high energy” child, not hyper but busy busy busy.  Right now as I am writing she has finished breakfast, colored 3 sheets for friends at school, and is now painting her nails.  It is 7:49 in the morning.  She has accomplished more before 8am than some adults do before noon.  There is too much to do each day, she doesn’t have time to be still . . . she has to keep on moving.

How many of us can relate to Adeline?  I am exhausted when I put the kids to bed and the house is quiet at 8, but often I find laundry to fold, dishes to wash or put away, toys to pick up  . . . way before I find myself plopping on the couch and getting an hour of “us ” time before I go to bed (aka, time with Robert when kids aren’t awake and dominating our lives).  Who has time to sit and be still . . . . you gotta keep moving.
After a little tv time to unwind off to bed we go.  Then of course, as most people do, the alarm wakes us up before we are really ready to step out of bed and start the day.  Time to get up, grab a cup of coffee and meet with God in my worn down floral print chair with iPad/Bible in hand.  I read and pray and start my day with God, well I try to.  But the tasks of the day, the sound of Adeline climbing out of bed, the thoughts that distract me, the people I worry about, the meeting that evening, the couple I am counseling, the hurting people on my heart . . .  who has time to be still . . . your mind has gotta keep moving.

be still bible“Be Still”

  • and Know that I am God
  • Before the Lord
  • and Wait Patiently for  Him
  • My Soul
  • The Lord will Fight For You, you only need to

“Be Still”

But who has time to BE STILL?????????????????????????  I am busy people.  Aren’t you?  I am too busy to BE STILL.  So stop telling me to BE STILL!

But maybe the reason we have “so much” to do is because we are doing too much and we are forgetting to do the one thing we were all created to do, to KNOW God.  We are neglecting the one thing that keeps us sane and focused, our relationship with the Lord.  And we can’t hear him say stop or don’t take that on, or commit this to me, or I want to help you, or I love you, or come to me  . . .  because we are so busy moving that we forget we were created to BE STILL with our Creator.

be still baotSo here you go, the boat is empty and the water is still. But is the boat empty because you need to climb in and BE STILL?  Or is it empty because you have moved around so much that you flipped yourself right out of the boat and now you are under water and out of the boat?  The boat is still but you are drowning because the only way to stay in the boat is to BE STILL. It is true that you have to keep  moving.  But running in circles is not moving.  Because really, the only way to keep moving is to stop and rest, to be still, to quiet our souls and wait upon the Lord.  Because if we are not still then we are not listening, and if are not listening then we cannot follow, and if we are not following the Lord, then we are not moving any where good.  We are lost, we are under water and out of the boat.  So get back in the boat, because my friend — God is in the boat and he is calling you into his stillness and peace.

Be Still . . .  sit in the boat, take a deep breath, and trust the Word of God when it breathes life into your soul and speaks truth into your heart.  Trust and obey your Father when he commands you to  . . .be still 2



One thought on “Who has time to be still?

  1. OH boy this is right on time for me. Unfortunately it would be “right on time” too often. Thank you for the reminder to “be Still”!

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